Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Pot Pourri of a Plot

So this is the big project that I've set my heart upon. After writing a lot of run of the mill stuff, I always wanted to try my hand at writing fiction, especially about issues that are close to my heart, through my friendships with many Pandits. And so here I am.

The story tells the tale of Kashmir, through the character of a Kashmiri Pandit boy, who faces the dilemmas of a "good life" redeeming his past, and what he chooses. The story, as I visualize it now, stretches over 3 decades from the '80s, probably the most turbulent in the history of the province.

I regard Kashmir to be central to the Idea of India and so I intend this to be also a compendium of history, a glossary of the mistakes that were committed and that are being repeated now. I hope I can pull this off, and if I do, I believe it will be path breaking.

The historical reference that I intend to use here will be Jagmohan's book, Frozen In Turbulence.

I request comments and suggestions from everybody and hope this will be an interactive project.